Tips for NASCAR Betting

In the below article we will cover a few different types of bets and some great tips for each type of bet to ensure you have the best chance possible of winning.

To Win Bets

A simple bet in which you place a wager on the driver you think will win the race.

  • Have the right sportsbook; NASCAR is an interesting sport to bet on in that with 40 drivers participating in each race, odds can vary greatly depending on where you are betting. Shop around and see which sportsbook will give you the best odds on a driver that you think will win.
  • Trends mean a lot in NASCAR. While there are usually updates to the cars, year on year these updates are minor including small aerodynamic tweaks and safety changes. Cars generally don’t get much faster until a larger rule change. Since the introduction of NASCAR, we are only on the fifth generational increment where a large scale rule change was implemented, so it is usually safe to assume a car will not change much in performance year on year. While the same driver in the same car can be assumed to perform the same, it is very important to take not of previous performance at that particular track and weather.

Pole Position Betting

A simple bet in which you place a wager on the driver who will set the fastest lap time during qualifying.

  • It is important to note that NASCAR with other cars and a single car on the track are two very different things. When looking at previous year’s results at the track, be sure to look at the qualifying results separately from the race results. With the cars running at the incredible speeds they do; clean air becomes a major factor and will likely change a driver pace from what they can achieve when in the drag of a pack. This varies greatly from track to track and from particular aerodynamic setups. A lot of research will be required to make an accurate prediction for the pole position.

Fastest Lap Bets

Betting on which driver will achieve the fastest lap in the race.

  • The team/driver strategy will become imperative here. Some drivers may choose to lay farther back in the pack to conserve fuel and tires or just to avoid the somewhat inevitable crash, while potentially wise for the long run, not having access to clean air at the front of the pack can hurt the lap times. It is important to know a team’s strategy and history before making a fastest lap bet.

Match-up Bets

Betting on which of two individual drivers will finish ahead.

  • These bets are frequently based on driver rivalries, for this it is worth getting to know the drivers in question and find hot rivalries. When you have found the rivalries, it’s as simple as we do for to win bets. Research the drivers, teams and history to make an accurate prediction of the outcome.