How To Better Your Sports Wagering Odds

When it comes to placing sports bets, it is hard to predict the outcome of any given game since so many factors come into play. The weather, the type of sports, the players current fitness levels, if they are playing an away game, etc. However, there are plenty of ways to up your odds of placing your wager on the right team to win back your money. Here are some statistically sound ways to help you along with your next sports bet.

  • Have A Strategy

If you approach each bet with a plan in place, you are far more likely to figure out what works well, and what does not to avoid repeating mistakes. While there is no way to magically know which team will be the one to bring home the glory, you will learn quickly which wagers are not worth making in the future, and which wagers can help you mitigate risk once you start wagering based on a strategy.

  • Hedging Your Bets

A smart bet is one in which you employ the age-old tactic of hedging your bets. It is not illegal by any means and is a good way to ensure that you are going to break even – or at least reduce the risk of a large loss with your wagers. In essence, a hedge bet is one which goes counter to your initial bet and will ensure you get some kind of profit should your first bet go south.

  • Avoid Future Bets

The only person who is left smiling when a future bet is placed is usually the bookkeeper. Future bets are very rarely beneficial to the punter involved. For those not in the know, future bets are when bets are placed on events that will be held far in advance. This usually includes, but isn’t limited to, championships for leagues, seasonal win totals for specific teams, and who the trophy winners will be.

  • Home Advantage

The theory of the home team advantage in matches is regarded as a superstition for many – but time and again statistics show that there is actually a far greater win-ratio for the home team if they’re playing on their home turf. There are several factors which come into play for this:

  • The crowd numbers (home teams play better to packed stands with their own fans)
  • Travel fatigue (visitors are often weary from time on the road)
  • Home ref biased to their home team (it’s usually subconscious, but it’s there)
  • Field or court advantage (teams know each inch of their home turf which is a distinct edge)

With the above factors to consider, you’d do well to place your money on the home team more often than not, especially if the stands are packed with supporters.