Why Is Football The Most Popular Betting Sport?

With football being the most watched sport in the world, it is no wonder that foot is the most bet on sport in the world too. However, it may be even more than just sheer number of fans. Below we will look into some of the reasons that football has set the trend in sports betting and the effects betting has had on football in return.


The first and foremost point is inevitably the popularity of football. With over half a billion and possibly more people watching some league of football, even if only one in 20 people decide to place a bet, the number of people betting is still ludicrously high. For football at least it is a sheer numbers game.

Ease Of Access

While majority of football bettors are there because they are fans of the sport, quite a few bettors prefer other sports to football but continue to bet on football. This is simply due to the fact of availability. Every sportsbook has football available; some specialize in only football. With thousands upon thousands of avenues available to place a wager of your choice, some with different odds and some with different options, football is by far the easiest sport to bet on. With most of the football betting sites striving to do things easier or offer different bets, the options that have come available to us as bettors is truly limitless.


With many sports we are stuck abiding by the sport’s usual seasons. With football that is not the case. With the sheer quantity of leagues and tournaments played at a professional level, every single day, the options for betting are again, limitless. While it would be somewhat naive to bet on every game available to you, bettors have come to enjoy the availability of having games to bet literally every day of the year. While this is way too much research for an average person to reasonably do, it is nice to know that across three or four leagues you could have a few interesting bets lined up every week of the year.


While perhaps not the biggest reason for the success of football betting, the marketing of betting for the sport is higher than it has ever been. As it stands in the English Premier League half of the participating teams are sponsored by bookmakers and online betting companies. This is a somewhat drastic increase from previous years. While some argue against this practice, the marketing positions are generally given to the highest bidder and the additional income to these football teams for the most part helps grow the sport even more.


There is no reason why anybody can’t take part in football betting, it adds an extra element of excitement to the game while providing some potential profit at the same time. Football betting is a great choice for anybody who enjoys the sport, with enjoyment comes knowledge of the game, and knowledge is key to winning.