Guide about How to Play Sic Bo Online

The game of Sic Bo originated in China and is a game of chance that is beloved by millions around the globe, and its name means dice pair. It is one of the most popular dice games in any online casino, as the rules are simple to learn and require very little in the way of strategy – unlike other dice games such as craps. If you cannot find Sic Bo as a game at your favourite online casino, it may be named as something such as hi-lo, big and small, dai siu or tai-sai instead.

How to Play Sic Bo

The simplicity of Sic Bo is part of its appeal, as the game revolves around the outcome of the toss of three dice by a dealer, who places and shakes them inside a chest – before opening it to reveal the number combinations. It is one of the very few games around that, regardless if you play in a casino, live casino, video version, or online casino, the rules to the game do not change. What does tend to change is the betting options that surround it – namely, main bets and side bets.

Some of the betting options available are:

Big or Small: If you’re betting on the dice outcome being a higher end number, from 11 – 17; or small in being 4 – 10. If you bet big, which excludes three of a kind dice being rolled, the chances are good at 48.6% that you’ll win. The small bet also has a 48.6% chance that they’ll fall this way, and also excludes any three of a kind dice rolls.

Odds or Evens: In this bet, you’re putting your money on whether the dice number will be an odd pair of numbers in total, or an even pair – and both odds and even options come with a 48.6% chance of winning, with a 1:1 payout expected.

Pairs: A very rare occurrence, players bet that the dice cast will fall into the same number of pairs, such as

Combination Bet: In this kind of bet, you’re placing money on the dice falling on specific number combinations that you’ve picked ahead of time, and will be paid out should this occur.

There are other types of pay table bets that can be made, which include Specific Doubles, Any Triple, Single Dice Bet. The lowest of all chances is for the Specific Triples or Alls – but this bet only comes with a 0.46% chance of the die cast rolling this way. If it does, however, the payout is a phenomenal 150:1 or a 215:1 – depending on where in the world you are playing.

Sic Bo Strategies

Once you have picked a great online casino site for Sic Bo, remember to effectively manage your money. After you have logged in, decide on the amount of money you have available to bet – such as $100 – and divide it down into smaller amounts, such as if each Sic Bo bet is worth $5, you’ll have 20 bets that you can make. A bad strategy for online Sic Bo is to place too many bets at one time – as there are plenty of options that will always be available.

The best and lowest risk strategy you can have for online Sic Bo is to bet on an even / odd combination or a big / small combination since these are the most likely combinations to turn up. As you gain more confidence, you’ll be able to try your luck at placing specific side bets on alternative numbers – or by doubling up your bet every few rolls in the hopes of striking it big.