Different Types Of Online Video Poker Reviewed

After rising to popularity in the 80s, video poker has maintained its status almost four decades later. This is largely due to the fact that it can be played anywhere and anytime.  The digital nature of the game gives it the ability to evolve with the click of a button, giving rise to many variations of the game.

Video poker is often based on the Five Card Draw game where you’re dealt five random cards in a manner that resembles the spinning slot machines. You can then either keep your cards or discard them for a new hand.

Some casinos have this game available inhouse while some online casinos offer the game as well. One of the biggest benefits of playing online video poker is that the house edge is a lot lower than the other games.

The game itself is easy to learn as it requires more skill than your typical slot machine and encompasses everything that you’ve grown to know and love about poker. This means that you’ll have to have a basic idea of how poker works, and even then, you’ll need to practice online video poker to develop your skills and become a better player.

7 Types Of Online Video Poker

  1. Draw poker: This is one of the earliest versions of the game and is also referred to as Jacks. Here you can play 100 at a time and you’ll need a pair of Jacks or higher cards to receive a payout. While the popularity of this machine has dwindled, it’s still available in most casinos.
  2. Joker poker: This gameplay allows two joker cards to be added to the deck to increase your odds of having a winning hand.
  3. Deuces Wild: This is the most popular variation of the game. During the game, all the 2s will turn into wild cards which allows you to substitute it with any card that you may need to have a winning hand. For example, if you have three 4s and a 2, the 2 will become a four as well, giving you Four of a Kind.
  4. Tens: This is one of the lesser-known variations of the game that offers payouts for low-value hands.
  5. Bonus poker: This is similar to Jacks in that you receive a higher payout if you have four of a kind.
  6. All American: A flush or straight will increase your payout while offering lower payouts for two pairs or a full house.
  7. Double Bonus Poker: Similar to Bonus poker, your payout increases with the value of your hand, although with Double Bonus, the payout becomes a lot more.

Have You Found The Type That Works For You?

Online video poker is one of the simplest ways to discover the gambling world and with the variations available, it’s easy to find one that works for you. Before playing the game, do your research to ensure that you understand the rules and payout terms.