VR Casinos Explained for Online NZ Gamblers

There are two forms of online casinos available to New Zealand players, entertainment and real money casinos.  The entertainment casinos let casino players play a variety of games without winning any real money.  The real money casinos are for players whose main objective is to win money.  There have been great developments and advances in technology of online casinos such as 2D and 3D casino experiences.  Unfortunately these do not give players the true casino experience.

With the incredible advances in technology players are now able to play in a “real” casino by using Virtual Reality (VR) software and hardware.  VR takes online casino players on a virtual reality tour through a casino where they are able to play and interact as if in a real land based casino.  This is possible by means of a VR headset together with VR iGambling platforms.  A VR casino will offer players a floor through which they can walk as well as slot machines that look so realistic.

There are 3D table games where players can sit and interact with the other players as well as the dealer.  Players will be able to make use of hand and body gestures and see those of their fellow casino players.  They will be able to experience the sights and sounds of a real casino and can even enjoy a drink at the bar while socialising with other players.  Developers of VR reality casino games are making the casino experience as realistic as they possibly can.

Available VR Games

Although the VR casino is still in the early stages there are already a few games available for New Zealand online casino players to enjoy.  Slotsmillion is a popular VR casino game and takes players to a slots game room filled with all kinds of slot machines.  The casino room is in a high rise building and overlooks a futuristic city.  Players are able to sit in the lounge or enjoy the view from the 80th floor while taking a break from slots for a while.  The other popular VR game is Poker and includes Texas Hold’em tables.  When player’s sign up they are given free chips to play with and can buy more using an app or by winning.  This game offers players a very realistic Poker experience together with the atmosphere of a real casino.

VR Gear

The big question of course is what does one need to enjoy this experience.  The Oculus Rift is currently the dominating VR hardware mainly because of the PC power it has.  Also available is the Gear VR which is powered by Android and the Google Daydream which offers players a less expensive option and can be used together with an Android smartphone.

Even though VR casinos in New Zealand are still in the early stages of development and there are not many games yet, the objective is to create games that will simulate real platforms and take casino gambling online to a whole new level.  As technology advances players will also have a wider choice of VR gear to choose from and these will be compatible with their smartphones.