Palace Casino – The Pride of Alberta, Canada

The Palace Casino is located in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. The venue is housed in the 5.3 million square foot West Edmonton Mall, which is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centres not only in Canada but the whole world. The contribution of this mall to the tourism of the region is significant, with more than 22 million pairs of feet passing through the venue every year. The Palace Casino complex is considered a major tourist attraction in Edmonton, and Alberta, as well.

History of Palace Casino

The Palace Casino was launched as a 10 000 square foot facility in 1990. It is now one of the most durable casino operations in the country. When opened, the Palace Casino was owned by a large consortium consisting of no less than 69 charities. In 1998, Palace Casino required renovations and an upgrade, and this was an expensive venture that led to the charities selling Palace Casino to Gateway in the year 2000. Gateway owns three British Columbian casinos, brick and mortar casinos situated in Burnaby, New Westminster and Vancouver’s Chinatown. The charities sold Palace Casino for a substantial profit.

Further Renovations

Gateway Casinos was restructured in 2010, and ownership of the casino management group was taken over by one of Gateway’s creditors, the Catalyst Capital Group. Nevertheless Gateway Casinos remain the owners of Palace Casino.

The Palace Casino trades in competition with several casinos in the area. There are four traditional casinos in Edmonton casinos and a First Nation Casino that is situated on the Enoch reserve that is west of Edmonton. In 2006, when the new anti-smoking regulations came into effect in Canada, it was expected that this would negatively impact on the number of customers at the Palace Casino, especially since several competitors still enabled smoking in the venue whereas Gateway Casinos refused to budge on the issue. This transpired to be quite the opposite, and the clientele at Palace Casino in fact grew after it became a no-smoking area.

The Casino Area at Palace Casino

The canadian casino online itself at Palace Casino offers players at the venue more than 700 top-of-the-range slot machines. These games are some of the newest and most innovative in the industry and has delivered Palace Casino with an excellent reputation regarding these casino machines. The rows and rows of slot machines are housed on two floors of the venue. In addition, Palace Casino offers 20 table games that include all the expected traditional and classic games that form such an attraction at brick and mortar casinos. The venue also houses a highly respected Poker room, as well as a High-Limit Lounge. Furthermore, Palace Casino is endowed with some of the better restaurants in the region, and these dining venues themselves have become a tourist attraction.

There are many benefits attached to being a member and player at Palace Casino. There are slots tournaments, prize pools at the live dealer and table games, as well as a suitably rewarding loyalty program. Being a dynamic casino and entertainment venue, visitors can expect the offers, benefits and bonuses to change on a regular basis.