Looking at Sunshine Reef Slot Machine Online

Sunshine Reef is an online slot game created by IGT Games. It features a theme based around marine wildlife, all of which are pictured here as the cutest creatures ever to exist on planet earth. From dolphins to seahorses, all smile radiantly and animate adorably upon being matched. The art style, although simplistic in nature, is clearly done by a professional. Some may say it is a poor representation of real marine wildlife, but one can hardly judge these animated water critters on any realistic level.

In terms of game play Sunshine Reef uses a five reel, nine play line system, which is a great deal less play lines then some other gambling in Canada casino games. In Sunshine Reef, however, the player is given the freedom to select which lines they would like to activate, which will raise and lower the initial betting amount automatically. This system offers a great deal of freedom to the player, which can result in highly strategic game play. Sunshine Reef is available on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Symbol Designs

The cute sea creatures are not just a delight to behold, they also hold the key to making the player a wealthy individual. The starfish is the most valuable symbol in the game, and will give a whopping payout if matched with himself the maximum of five times, and a modest but still good payment upon being matched three times. He is followed by the sea turtle, in terms of value, then the puffer fish, and the octopus.

The remaining symbols are only capable of paying out small amounts, even if matched the maximum of five times. They are the sea cucumber, the sea horse, the angel fish, and the clam. Note that Sunshine Reef does not have any playing card based symbols, which is a welcome relief, given as how overused these symbols are in modern slot games. To trigger the bonus payouts, look towards the two remaining special feature symbols.

Bonuses and Special Payouts

The treasure chest is where the big money can be found in Sunshine Reef. If the player manages to match the treasure chest symbol at least three times, an instant massive payout will be granted. This will be followed by fifteen to thirty free spins, depending on how many treasure chests are matched. Note that more free spins may be added to those already awarded, if more treasure chests are matched during the free spins sequence. This means that free spins may compound and add up, resulting in extremely lucrative payouts.

The second bonus symbol in the game is the ever loved dolphin, who acts not only as a wild symbol, matching with any other symbol to form a winning sequence, but also as an instant mini-jackpot. Note, however, that the dolphin will not match the treasure chest in any circumstances, meaning that three treasure chests must always be matched in order for free spins to be granted. For more detailed information on the rules of Sunshine Reef, be sure to click the pay table button at any time, located near the bottom of the play area.