Discussing Casino Open-face Chinese Poker Game

This is a rather unique variation of the classic casino card game poker. With Open-face Chinese poker the card game classic is played with 3 different rows of cards, turned face up and compared one on one for points. Said to have originated in Finland this poker variant has been around for about a decade, so is still rather young for a game of poker.

With the Card combinations and ranks the same but offering players a unique gameplay as well as some competitive strategy this poker game is actually quite thrilling. But enough dancing around the fact and let’s jump right into the poker action.

Basic Rules and Gameplay of this Poker

As mentioned above, the way to play Open-face Chinese poker is a little different from most poker variations. To start off with, players receive 5 cards each, face up. After this cards are dealt out one by one until each player has received 13 cards.

As cards are dealt out the players must set them in 3 rows, with the top row containing 3 cards and the middle and bottom rows containing 5 each. The objective of this game is to make each row stronger than the one above it whilst also trying to beat the other players individual rows of cards. After the cards are placed they cannot be removed from the table and so the placement and strategy are definitely factors.

There are several more in depth rules to Open-face Chinese poker that include royalties on the specific poker combinations, which awards extra points and as mentioned above the objective of the game is to score more points then the other players. There is also the fouling factor, where a player who has not completed the correct order of rows, with the top row being weaker than the middle and the middle, weaker than the bottom. Fouling can lose points. Overall the game is full of action and so players should definitely give it a whirl to properly see if these cards work for them.

A Little Rundown on Poker Combinations

Because Open-face Chinese poker is so heavily centred on combining and comparing these combinations, it is preferable to have a refresher on the possible poker hands. These start at high card, with the Ace being the highest and the 2 the lowest.

The first proper combination is a pair, followed by two pair. This is follows by 3 of a kind, it is interesting to note that in this poker variant this is the best hand possible for the top row as it is just 3 cards. Beating this is the straight, 5 consecutive numbers regardless of suit. Then comes the flush, which is just of one suit followed by a full house and the 4 of a kind combination. After this we have the combination of flush and straight, climaxing in the form of a royal flush, a fully suited 10 through to Ace straight. These are the building blocks for any game of poker and even more crucial in a poker variation like Open-face Chinese poker.