Bingo Tips To Keep You Playing Well

Bingo is a wonderful game that you can play anywhere in the world – at land-based casinos and online ones. With all ages playing it nowadays, here are some tips and tricks to help you acclimate to the game faster – and possibly earn some cash back.

Buy Several Score Cards

Score cards are where you are guaranteed to win – and lose – which makes it worthwhile to buy as many as you can handle, since the player with 12 score cards has a far higher likelihood of hitting bingo, than the player who has only 1 score card. In line with this, buying two or three of the most expensive bingo score cards won’t necessarily net you more winnings than buying numerous low payout ones.

With that said, be savvy and don’t buy every score card available for every game either – as you’ll most likely lose more money down the line. This happens when players take on more cards than they can handle – and miss out on vital number calls (as not every game automatically will highlight the numbers you have on your cards), leading to frustration and losses.

Once you’ve played a few games, you’ll find your sweet spot and discover how many cards you can realistically play with to enjoy yourself while still upping your odds of winning.

Pick a Theme

Bingo doesn’t have to be played in the same run-of-the-mill format as your gran does – online there are hundreds of themes and styles to choose from. Look around at all the bingo halls available to find one that appeals to you.

Games to play for free and paid versions include titles like bingo pop, bingo smash, rainbow bingo, with even themes such as monster bingo are available to play.

Pick Your Time Well

When you’re playing a game of bingo, you need to invest some time into playing – so don’t choose to play bingo if you don’t have at least a half-hour free.

You should also look at the time of day that you’re choosing to allocate a decent time block to – as most bingo halls are busiest between 19:00 – 21:00, which makes it far less likely for you to win anything particularly rewarding. Times outside of this block however, will have less people to compete with which ups your winning odds by quite a bit.

The best times to play if you are wanting to win are when most people are working, which is usually between 07:00 – 17:00. If you want a social occasion though with plenty of people around to chat with, then look at playing when the most amount of people will be around – after 19:00 on weeknights, and after 13:00 on weekends.

Find Advice

Online chat rooms are a great place to get advice from other players, as well as to pick up tips and tricks specific to your online bingo hall.

Chatrooms are also often where site moderators will post upcoming promotions and deals first, allowing you more time to consider if it is something you’d personally be interested in, rather than impulse purchasing what at face value seems like a great deal.