Basic And Essential Tips for AFL Bettors

Do The Research

A major key to AFL betting, and sports betting in general, is the research. Basically, the more of it that you do, the better you will do. From the rules, to the teams and players, to the stadiums, facilities, and the gear that they use, the more information you can learn and discover about the sport, the more able you will be to reliably make predictions, and avoid losing bets.

Luckily, Aussie Rules is a national obsession in Australia as well as a national sport, and so there is no shortage of media and publications analysing and delving into every aspect of the game for you to study and learn from.

Aside from the sport itself though, learning everything there is to know about the markets and betting options, and comparing the offers of different sportsbooks, is all well worth researching.

Betting On Players

Many sportsbooks offer special “prop bets” for player performance, such as their individual score. While there are thirty-six players on the field, naturally those players that consistently do well also make the safest bet.

However, there are other factors to consider. Aussie rules is a highly demanding and physical game. Injuries are frequent, and the physical abilities of players are tested to their limits. Keeping well informed on the teams and players in terms of fitness and injury is therefore highly recommended.

Derivative Betting

Derivative betting is a popular and convenient betting option offered by sportsbooks. It allows you to wager on a half, or a quarter, rather than the full game. This adds a whole new interesting dynamic to betting on AFL. Some teams may have a tendency to play well at the start of games and trail off towards the end, and vice versa, and so there is potential for some reliable betting predictions to be made.  As always, research is the key to capitalising on this betting type.

Live Betting

Live betting is another popular, and profitable, new betting type, allowing you to place wagers on the game, from moment to moment during play. Like derivative betting, this adds a whole new dynamic. It is highly recommended that, before attempting this fast-paced betting option, you are well researched, understand the flow of the game, are aware of all the special bets, and, most importantly, are able to control your spending.

Always Check The Weather

As with all sports that are played outdoors, the weather is a constant factor that effects the performance of teams and players, and the outcomes of games. Though it can be unpredictable, it is still very much worth checking the weather forecast for any games that you plan to bet on.

Using The Stats

Often, just the win-loss record of a team, or the goal-scoring record of a player, doesn’t quite reflect what will actually happen in future games, and there is always the chance the team expected to win might be defeated in an upset.

Therefore, other statistics, such as player performance, replacements, injuries, etc, can often a more precise and reliable guide to making predictions.